About Robin Vogt

A Resident of Portsmouth. Community political activist through #NHPolitics, social media and local events. Former Co- President of an Educators Union under NEA-NH and current Co-President of the New Hampshire Progressive Coalition.

My name is Robin Vogt, and I am a young resident of Portsmouth who loves my city.

Originally from Southbury, CT, I have been a resident of New Hampshire for 18 years. I moved to Portsmouth 4 years ago alongside my family due to rising housing costs in Exeter, and looking for a new start in this thriving port city. My entire career has been spent in Special Education in the New Hampshire, working 1:1 with students who are identified with Autism and Generalized Seizures. I have been politically active since 2008, volunteering on Democratic Campaigns for President. I have worked closely with many organizations such as Starlight Children’s Foundation in Podcast and eCommerce business ventures, who work directly with hospitals and comforting families experiemncinacross the United States.

Community & Professional Experience

Obama 2008 & Warren 2020 Campaign Volunteer

Local Podcaster & eCommerce Business Owner in Portsmouth, NH

Co President of Exeter Paraprofessional Association under NEA-NH

1:1 Special Education Paraeducator for 8+ years in New Hampshire Public Schools


Mary Vogt
Treasurer and Secretary

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