A Green New Deal

Our local ecosystem needs our help.

Unless we pass clear legislation that will bolster the diversity of our species and environment here in Portsmouth, we will have to deal with the consequences.

Legislation and Discussion To Foster Biodiversity and Sustainability

How Do We Get It Done?

Create a coalition of local organizations and non-profits who are on the front-lines. Protecting our ecosystems biodiversity, and the Piscataqua River by passing legislation dealing with climate change. In that process, investigating all business being done on the River, and their affect on the ecosystem.

Pass legislation in Concord that focuses on statewide eco-friendly practices such as the elimination of single-use plastic bags and composting programs for small businesses, that has been seen on the local level in Portsmouth and in other towns across the state.

Tell NH’s energy companies such as Unitil, Liberty and Eversource to become part of the solution. Stabilize a 10-year solution to help move Portsmouth and the State of New Hampshire into a green-focused energy future, a Green New Deal. We cannot let our energy companies make the final decision for the people of Portsmouth.

News & Updates

What’s Going On At The Campaign?

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