Fund Our Local Schools And Educators

Our hard working educators on the Seacoast and across the state need us.

It is time for our legislature to build policies and pass legislation that benefits our most-needed programs, and continues to build upon the strength of our public schools. We need all learners together, and working towards individual successes in life.

How Do We Get This Done?

Increased funding for Special Education Programs and academic transition services which include:

Funding consistent Summer Academic Enrichment & Social Skills Programs in the Portsmouth School District.

Moving funds from the Police Department and other over-funded municipal outlets to our most critical community services, including increased funding of assistive technologies in our programs.

School-year job site mentorship initiative with local businesses, to encourage the #StayInThePort program.

Pre-graduation job placement and coaching program by the municipality through increased revenue outlets, not out-of-pocket by NH’s families.

Increased wages for public school teachers and support staff who work in our schools.

Advocate and push for a $25.00 per hour statewide minimum wage for all employees through City Council activism within the community.

State-capped starting wages for teachers and support staff:

All support staff and special education Paraeducators at $20.00 per hour minimum starting wage.

In-Class Teachers & Special Education Teachers at $40.00 per hour minimum starting wage.

If we improve the salaries of our New Hampshire educators.

What Do The Numbers Say?


more per. hour for Teachers based on years of employment in the State of New Hampshire.


more per. hour for Support Professionals across the State of New Hampshire.

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