It’s Time To Get The Job Done | The September Primary Is Almost Here

Candidate Robin Vogt releases his first advertisement for the 2020 New Hampshire Primary Elections in the City of Portsmouth.

We have allowed for the status-quo of New Hampshire to make judgement on what is best for the people. The City of Portsmouth has felt the affects of this inaction, and it deserves a leader who will challenge past-practice for the betterment of our combined future. #ItsTimeToGetTheJobDone (Produced by: Ryan Berry – Team Skeleton Milk) : @SkellieMilk

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Robin Vogt Receives The Endorsement Of 350 New Hampshire Action In His Race For Portsmouth State Representative

In a press release today, 350 NH announced their first slate of endorsements in the 2020 New Hampshire local and state office primary on September 8th. The campaign is excited to announce that Robin Vogt has received the checkmark from the organization!

(August 11, 2020) “Today, we announce our endorsement of Robin Vogt for State Representative, Rockingham District 25 in Ward 1. Robin is a resident of Portsmouth, community activist, and Co-President of an Educators Union under NEA-NH. He has worked in Special Education for over 8 years, and is running on a core platform that includes the Green New Deal, Housing for All, and Education reform. Learn more about his positions here: website link.” – 350 NH Action

Candidate Statement:

I am very excited and thankful to announce the endorsement from 350 New Hampshire Action in my campaign for a #PeopleFirst Portsmouth. We must do everything to stop the fossil-fuel funded politics that exists here in New Hampshire. It’s time to get to work!

Progressive Candidate For State Representative | Portsmouth, NH

Robin Vogt Receives The Endorsement Of Rights & Democracy New Hampshire In His Campaign For State Representative

Watch the Announcement of Candidates & Special Guests here:

Statement from the Candidate:

Having the endorsement of Rights & Democracy NH means a lot to me and this progressive campaign for the people of Portsmouth. It’s time for new leadership in Rockingham District 25, Ward 1. It’s time to lead all neighborhoods of the Port City into the future today, not years from now. This includes calling out the status-quo for inaction, passing legislation for a Green New Deal and putting our human rights first in the halls of Concord. We can get this done once and for all, and having the amazing support of RAD-NH means it can happen today.

Let’s Get The Job Done!

Candidate For State Representative | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Candidate For State Representative Robin Vogt Hosting A Twitter Town Hall About Public Education In New Hampshire

Thursday June 25th – 7:00 PM EST – Twitter Stream Live

A Twitter Town Hall from the Vogt 2020 Campaign on Public Education here in NH.

Remote Learning in the year of #COVID19 , and how we can support our local educators on a legislative level going forward. Public education and special education departments are the first to see major cuts, and for the success of our students to continue, we cannot let these past practices reign over our society. As we move closer to the start of the 2020-2021 school year, we need to make sure ALL learners are being accounted for, and develop REAL solutions to help fund our public education system.

Submit all education questions to by 5:00 PM on June 25th for them to be answered.

Robin Vogt Receives The Endorsement Of The New Hampshire Progressive Coalition

Statement from the Candidate:

Getting the endorsement of the New Hampshire Progressive Coalition is not just an honor. It is a stepping stone. This is a movement for the people of Portsmouth, and for the State of New Hampshire. Progressive voices who are done with the inactions and ignored facts of past-political practices. Listen, if my neighbors need anything right now, they need to know that someone is ready to be a voice for them. To not be afraid to take on the status-quo, and work for the future of their families every single day.

We are in a unique time in our State’s history, and in this country. This is when we tell ourselves, “I need to find my place in this fight, and change our thought process. It’s just not working”. In March of 2019, I had told myself it’s time.

Let’s get the job done this September!

Portsmouth, New Hampshire | Progressive

Volinsky Has My Vote

I have seen candidates for Governor pass through the Seacoast, discussing the issues that matter most to our neighbors and family. One thing has been missing though, and it stood out amongst all the conversations. How are we going to move New Hampshire forward in a way so that our decisions do not leave us cleaning up a larger mess? Most importantly, what steps can we take every single day to ensure that our next generation does not have to clean up the impossible mess left behind by our past-practices? We need a voice that will lead the charge in stopping any more damage, and restore the Granite State way.

A system that benefits the public school educator and support staff member who works tirelessly everyday to provide the best possible education. A system that benefits and rewards the recent community college or local college education graduate who wants to begin their life in New Hampshire that next day.

I am proud to support and endorse Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky for Governor of New Hampshire, as he has proven himself countless times when challenging current leadership on the hard topics, and unjustified choices made under Sununu’s governorship. Andru will work with our state leaders and agencies towards solutions that will better the Granite State for not just today, but for the communities of tomorrow.

Andru Volinksy Is the Governor For Granite State educators, and for the people of New Hampshire. I look forward to working with Andru and our people-first leadership across the state in the near future!

Thank You,

Progressive Democrat for State Representative | NH-25 in Ward 1 | Portsmouth

It’s Time To Speak Up For Those Who Are Losing Out In Remote Education

As we transitioned into remote learning across the state, local educators and support staff were given the impossible task of making wholesale changes to their everyday practices. Students and families had to make these same changes, uncertain of what the next day would hold when it pertained to COVID19. Amongst all of this, those in the special education department and support staff who work directly 1:1 with students were now upended from the daily services that were outlined in student IEPs and 504 plans. 

For support staff like myself, who teach life skills and provide 1:1 physical support for our learners, how were these critical aspects of everyday school practices going to be taken care of going forward? Is the state going to allow these legally binding documents to expire, and break federal law in the process? I worry about our low-income population as well, who have learners with special needs. Those who don’t just need the educational support for their child, but require additional assistance when it comes to food access and internet. What are we doing to support them?

Remote learning has proven to be a great transitory option when international epidemics occur, but cannot be considered a long-term substitute for our learners who thrive when 1:1 learning occurs. Public education inside of brick and mortar schools is important. When there are federal protections for all learners, and basic needs that are not being meet, the important discussions to find alternatives and solutions must be made at the local level. They must start happening today.

Our governor must sit down with our public school district leaders across the state. He must begin to ask the hard questions surrounding the fulfillment of special education services for learners who require 1:1 attention. This includes access to assistive devices (including technology support), physical supports (carried out by health professionals), and other therapies provided by our support professionals and therapists. A solution for the 2020-2021 school year in clear writing with agreement from all legislative leaders, disability rights organizations and union presidents is the only way to provide relief to New Hampshire’s families. We must provide relief to New Hampshire’s parents. We must come together and fix this before it becomes out of hand, and jeopardizes our educational practices and critical services provided to learners going forward. 

Thank You,

Robin Vogt | Democratic Progressive for State Representative
Portsmouth, NH

Watch Now! Online Town Hall | #WeArePortsmouth And The COVID-19 Response As A Community

For our city, these have definitely been some challenging times. I want to personally say thank you to all those working in our hospitals, eateries, essential services statewide and locally. Your service to the community has not gone unnoticed, and we are here for you every step of the way.

As we move closer to the September Primary in New Hampshire, it is important to keep all aspects of our individual health, family health and community health in mind. Across the board, we have had to adjust to this new way of life. It has not been easy, however, our Port City has responded with nothing but open arms. During the April 7th Facebook Live Town Hall, the #WeArePortsmouth event, I’d like to answer your questions about how we best prepare as a state for future pandemics.

What can we do today, both as a legislature and community leaders, to ensure proper practices when we are faced with a health crisis again?

These questions and more tonight on Facebook Live. Please use the link below to RSVP, and to submit questions you may have. It’s time for District 25 in Rockingham County to have a voice that speaks directly to the people, and is ready to hop into action when the calls come, and your voice is most important in how I respond as a local leader. That’s why I hope to have your vote come September 2020 here in Portsmouth. We can get it done, and help each other at every step.

Watch the Live Town Hall with Candidate Robin Vogt

Please stay healthy, stay home if you can, and be safe.

Hope to see you soon!

Robin Vogt, Democratic Candidate for State Representative | District 25 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

UNH Co-op Extension And NHPHA’s Food Access Map Is Now Available

During these difficult times across the country, and here on the New Hampshire Seacoast, it is important to collaborate and work together on bringing solutions to the people. The University Of New Hampshire: Cooperative Extension of Health & Wellness and New Hampshire Public Health Association have just released a new way to find food resources across the state with the NH Food Access Map.

Access The Food Map Using The Link Below

Official release from NHPHA on Tuesday March 31, 2020. Contact those listed for more information.

As a member of the Portsmouth community, this resource will prove to be beyond helpful in getting necessary, healthy foods to those who need it most.

I want to thank the University Of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Public Health Association for their hard work during this time, and doing everything they can to help the people of the Granite State. Please share out this amazing resource, and support your local food pantry’s and groups like Gather NH during these challenging weeks ahead.

We can get it done together!

Thank you, and be safe.

Candidate For State Representative, NH District 25 | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The Time To Act Is Now

For all those my age, we must take COVID19 seriously. I read a story in the New York Times about Fiona Lowenstein, 26 from New York City. You can read that same article here. The unfortunate reality is this: the statistics may show those 50+ years old and with an underlining health condition are at the greatest risk, but we are all at-risk. I believe that I speak for my generation when I say it can be tough to be secluded in your household for weeks upon weeks, and not know if you’ll see a paycheck. It can be tough to be separated, and practice social distancing from the one’s you care about most. I feel this everyday, and it brings nothing but sadness.

However, the message is clear. There is no way to beat COVID-19 unless we do the simple task of staying at home and taking care of those around us, and those in our family. I live at home still, with my sister and parents. Everyday, I worry about my parents health and safety in these uncertain times. They are both 50+ and have underlining health conditions. I myself have asthma, and consistently need to keep an eye on it. The message is clear folks. We all need to know who we are, and act accordingly. At this very time, that action is to stay in place.

I do not want to see my generation suffer from this terrible virus. I do not want to see my parents generation suffer from this terrible virus. But if we continue to let negativity and false-hopes from the White House and the office of Governor in Concord determine how we proceed, then we’ll be left with no other choice. We’ll be finding ourselves next to each other in hospital beds somewhere in this country.

I call on Governor Sununu to enact a Shelter-In-Place. State Senators, State Representatives, Candidates, Local Leaders and Activists have asked for this action to be taken. For the sake of New Hampshire’s citizens, and the well being of our state as a whole. The time to act is now.

I urge all those amazing people I know, and those who I hold close to take COVID-19 seriously, and stay home. For yourself, for your neighbors, and most importantly for your family.

Stay healthy, be safe and stay at home.

Democratic Candidate for State Representative in District 25 | Portsmouth, New Hampshire