Housing For All

The City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire needs options for its hard working citizens. We have a diverse working-class here and across the Granite State. Here is how we get it done:

As of December 2019, the average price of a 2 bedroom apartment in Portsmouth stands at $3,597.00 per month.

The current market does not offer affordable options. It’s time to fight for a housing market that fits the needs of the people.

Source: RentJungle.com (https://www.rentjungle.com/average-rent-in-portsmouth-nh-rent-trends/)

Chip In. Help Us Out.

For every 500 hotel rooms developed, 150 affordable housing units must be developed. This is an effort that will involve the people of Portsmouth, housing developers, our City Council and Concord legislators.

Housing For The Future

Pass legislation that encourages utility companies participation in affordable housing development and use of Eco-friendly approaches such as solar power.

Great Minds Develop Alike

Create a coalition of small business owners, housing developers and organizations here in Portsmouth that will work alongside each other to create solutions, and advocate for the continual development of affordable options statewide.

Australia and Europe are on a fast-track to affordable housing options for all incomes, including a workforce housing option. With our ever-expanding population on the New Hampshire seacoast, these are the questions that we now face. Please watch Nicole Gurran’s TEDx Talk discussing how our neighbors in other parts of the World are addressing the issue we face today.

This can be accomplished, but only when we have all parties at the table to negotiate. Let’s make that possible together Portsmouth.

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