Volinsky Has My Vote

I have seen candidates for Governor pass through the Seacoast, discussing the issues that matter most to our neighbors and family. One thing has been missing though, and it stood out amongst all the conversations. How are we going to move New Hampshire forward in a way so that our decisions do not leave us cleaning up a larger mess? Most importantly, what steps can we take every single day to ensure that our next generation does not have to clean up the impossible mess left behind by our past-practices? We need a voice that will lead the charge in stopping any more damage, and restore the Granite State way.

A system that benefits the public school educator and support staff member who works tirelessly everyday to provide the best possible education. A system that benefits and rewards the recent community college or local college education graduate who wants to begin their life in New Hampshire that next day.

I am proud to support and endorse Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky for Governor of New Hampshire, as he has proven himself countless times when challenging current leadership on the hard topics, and unjustified choices made under Sununu’s governorship. Andru will work with our state leaders and agencies towards solutions that will better the Granite State for not just today, but for the communities of tomorrow.

Andru Volinksy Is the Governor For Granite State educators, and for the people of New Hampshire. I look forward to working with Andru and our people-first leadership across the state in the near future!

Thank You,

Progressive Democrat for State Representative | NH-25 in Ward 1 | Portsmouth

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