The Time To Act Is Now

For all those my age, we must take COVID19 seriously. I read a story in the New York Times about Fiona Lowenstein, 26 from New York City. You can read that same article here. The unfortunate reality is this: the statistics may show those 50+ years old and with an underlining health condition are at the greatest risk, but we are all at-risk. I believe that I speak for my generation when I say it can be tough to be secluded in your household for weeks upon weeks, and not know if you’ll see a paycheck. It can be tough to be separated, and practice social distancing from the one’s you care about most. I feel this everyday, and it brings nothing but sadness.

However, the message is clear. There is no way to beat COVID-19 unless we do the simple task of staying at home and taking care of those around us, and those in our family. I live at home still, with my sister and parents. Everyday, I worry about my parents health and safety in these uncertain times. They are both 50+ and have underlining health conditions. I myself have asthma, and consistently need to keep an eye on it. The message is clear folks. We all need to know who we are, and act accordingly. At this very time, that action is to stay in place.

I do not want to see my generation suffer from this terrible virus. I do not want to see my parents generation suffer from this terrible virus. But if we continue to let negativity and false-hopes from the White House and the office of Governor in Concord determine how we proceed, then we’ll be left with no other choice. We’ll be finding ourselves next to each other in hospital beds somewhere in this country.

I call on Governor Sununu to enact a Shelter-In-Place. State Senators, State Representatives, Candidates, Local Leaders and Activists have asked for this action to be taken. For the sake of New Hampshire’s citizens, and the well being of our state as a whole. The time to act is now.

I urge all those amazing people I know, and those who I hold close to take COVID-19 seriously, and stay home. For yourself, for your neighbors, and most importantly for your family.

Stay healthy, be safe and stay at home.

Democratic Candidate for State Representative in District 25 | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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