Campaign Statement | COVID-19 Going Forward

For the next 2 weeks, I will not be accepting campaign contributions.

It’s important that hard working families, and those who have been very supportive of this campaign focus on their health, and staying safe during this COVID-19 stretch. I urge all families to take the necessary precautions outlined by the CDC and New Hampshire State Authorities. This includes social distancing and limiting trips into high-populated areas here on the Seacoast. If you feel sick, stay home and act accordingly:

I look forward to releasing more about my policies surrounding healthcare, education, and many others that would benefit the people of Portsmouth these coming weeks. This pandemic has affected all of us on different levels, and many of my neighbors as well. We are all a unified family and will power through this. Please reach out if you need assistance, as I am available for you in these times.

Thank You!

Democratic Candidate for State Representative in Portsmouth, NH

If you want to give-back to the community and help others here on the Seacoast, please consider the following organizations. They will need as much help as possible throughout these next few months.

End 68 Hours Of Hunger | Portsmouth, NH
New Hampshire Food Bank
Cross Roads House & Operation Blessings | Portsmouth, NH

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