Excited To Endorse Elizabeth Warren For President

Heading into 2020, the Julian Castro Campaign drove the message home; unity, diversity and the voice of the people. The Castro Family defines what it means to work hard, raise a family and fight for the country we call home. My experience at the 2019 New Hampshire Democratic Convention in Manchester, NH alongside the NH For Castro Campaign meant so much to me, and solidified my support of Julian. Now that 2020 has arrived, and my candidate has decided to move on with head high and ready to work even harder for the American future, so have I as a Julian Castro For President supporter.

Today, the Former HUD Secretary and 2020 Presidential Candidate endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States. After consideration of all candidates across the last two months, I stand with this decision as well.

You can call Candidate Robin Vogt for State Representative in Portsmouth, NH part of #TeamWarren heading into the First In The Nation Primary.

I am excited to volunteer and work alongside the Warren For NH team here in 2020, and help get Elizabeth to the White House!

As a special educator and an individual who supports our hard-working educators across New Hampshire, Elizabeth carries this very mindset. She has been there before, and knows what it is like to work 1:1 with students who need that encouraging voice in their life. Elizabeth knows what it takes to bring people together across this state, and across this country to end the bigotry found in the White House right now. Elizabeth Warren knows what the next generation needs to be successful.

“What I’ve learned is that real change is very, very hard. But I’ve also learned that change is possible – if you fight for it.”

Elizabeth Warren

It’s time to get to work for New Hampshire, and for the future of this country that we call home. That we ALL call home!

Contribute to the Vogt For NH Campaign | Chip in $5, and let’s get to work for the People of Portsmouth, NH today

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